About ELSC Property

Who we can help

  • First Home Buyer – Owner Occupier
  • Buy and Hold –Property Investor
  • Renovate for Profit – Owner Occupier/ Investor
  • Sub-Divide for Profit – Property Investor
  • Large Scale Development –Developer/ Builder

How we can help you

  • ELSC Property help you build new homes in South Australia and Melbourne, Victoria.
  • We pick the best property the market has to offer and we only work with developers who have a solid track record. A focus on quality properties that provide high capital growth and return on investment for the long term.
  • We help you build single and double storey homes, units, town houses and residential developments. If you require new home construction in Adelaide and Melbourne whether is for owner occupy or investment, we will certainly be able help you along your journey!

Why Choose ELSC Property

  • ELSC Property offers an insider view of what it takes to create a thriving investment portfolio. We personalised attention to set up a property portfolio that best suits your needs. We are different because we lead by example and we have achieved the results in property investing that you want to achieve. We basically offer “One Stop Shop” service(s) to our clients.