Course Selection

Australia has an outstanding reputation for excellence and high quality for its undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs by offering various professional courses in many different universities. With a national set of qualification recognized by the Australian Government, all of the universities able to award national and international recognition for each qualification and the level of education that they represent.

Education Learning Services Centre (ELSC) provides support and consultation services to our Asian students in relation to university application and course selection. We have a team of expert and fully-registered staffs who are enthusiastic and willingly to listen to your requests in order to offer the best option for your education plans. Furthermore, we also assist our students to acquire suitable payment plan for university’s tuition fees based on their financial situation.

Here is the list of the most valuable and popular degree programs among international students:

  • Engineering

In Australia to study engineering, be regarded as a skill, and engineering professionals involved in a wide range of aspects, such as automotive, aviation, structure, chemistry, electronics, environment, machinery, metallurgy, materials, mining, oil, etc. Quite broad scope of the employment of graduates, engaged in technical management of transformation, choose the multidirectional, guaranteed income. This major will enable you to master the methods and rules in the field of engineering management and technical aspects of engineering skills for the training of technical management of complex talents to provide a good platform. Whether you are a background in engineering, you want to improve your management skills, or your management students want to get involved in the engineering field.

  • Accounting

In Australia, the accounting profession for many years has always been a shortage of professional, wide employment, all walks of life are lack of accounting personnel. Australia CPA system is recognized by the world, one of the accounting system, and a higher professional background of accounting professionals, both in Australia and China are very sought-after. Australia’s accounting profession to facilitate the application, almost all schools have opened accounting courses, accounting master’s degree courses do not need related undergraduate academic background can apply.

  • Nursing

In Australia, sparsely populated, nurses have been in short supply, and are a regular visitor to the list of skilled migrants each year, and employment prospects are quite positive. In the four months after graduation to find a job success rate of 97%. Engaged in nursing in Australia, not only high income, but also increasingly high social status, respected. And nurses in Australia are recognized around the world, the Australian nurses get some work experience, you can also choose to work in the United States, Canada and Europe, to get higher pay.

  • Computer Science/IT

As we are living in the Digital Age, it is undeniable the significant of computer scientists since they are in needed for every type of industry. In Australia, there is a well-defined set of universities and education institutions that able to provide a reputable credential. These courses will horn your ability in computer technology as well as enhance individual’s job capability. With the increasing important of the Internet, multi-media and social network, almost every industry relied heavily on computer science and information technology.

  • Education

This is the major for those who never want to leave school and becoming a university lecturer or tutor. Especially for international students, it had proven that there are much more beneficial to study abroad for education majors because it allows them to enrich their professional and intellectual development in diversity cultural. Education study not only lets you to continue to be immersed in your passion, but it also brings you very good pay-check. Thus, the constant increasing development of education industry in Australia will enhance the chance of securing adequate job opportunities with a university degree in education.

  • Hotel Management

Australia’s tourism industry is world-renowned, tourism and hotel management is also a popular professional in recent years, one of the rich internships, employment opportunities and high-quality teaching to attract a lot of Chinese students studying in Australia. China as one of the world’s four major tourist destination, the rapid development of tourism in the future is bound to tourism and hotel management personnel have greater demand and higher standards.

  • Social Workers

In Australia, access to professionally qualified social workers has many challenging and attractive employment paths. After completing the accredited higher education for social workers, you can participate in the case, community, and provide advice and advocacy for individuals and the community. Social workers are generally employed by government agencies, NGOs and social organizations such as hospitals, community health centers, early intervention programs, family support services, schools, employment services, mental health services, justice, housing, disability and retirement services. The social work of this profession is a shortage of Australian occupation can immigrate to the service industry, strong social insight and presentation skills, good communication and social services for the students is a good way to study migration in Australia.

  • Finance

Finance is a study field full of opportunities for great earning potential and rewarding career routes in a comprehensive range of industries. Despite recent economic downturn, there are still large growth in demand for students who graduated from finance degrees. As long as there is business, finance professionals such as accountants will always have jobs. They are in high demand in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Due to massive growth in careers opportunities, you can work in many different positions with a finance degree included:

  1. Corporate management
  2. International financial management
  3. Investment services
  4. Financial planning services
  5. Personal financial planning for individuals and private organizations
  6. Brokerage firms
  7. Insurance companies
  8. Commercial and investment banks
  9. Credit unions and private banks
  • Law

Along with the social, international politics, science and technology, economic and financial and so on various aspects of changing, the law also reflecting the changes of the society and the introduction of more and more challenging subject. Now studying law graduates to enter the legal profession is no longer simply work, but will go into commercial, environmental protection, human rights, the science and technology, travel or entertainment to development. Some new legal subject arises at the historic moment in the different universities, including the space technology, refugees, human rights, biological medicine, biological science and technology and the criminal investigation, the news media, international tourism, sports competition, ocean shores, patents, terrorism, gender issues (such as sexuality). These disciplines students naturally want to be able to use their unique in the field of legal knowledge and their interest in work. Due to the Australian law degree respected abroad, social status and income, legal graduates to Britain, the United States or in some Asian countries also relatively easy to find a suitable job.

  • Dentistry

Due to the government policies, Australia dental institutions must maintain very high standards following established dentistry and dental science practices. Due to the high standard requirements, it is the course which would be very challenging to get in and complete its 5 years study duration. However, the pay for dentists is fairly more on average salary rate than other types of work even for entry-level dentists.  In this program, you will learn about science of medicine, maintaining good health of the teeth, diagnosing and treating disorders and conditions of the oral cavity such as dental caries, periodontal diseases, pathologies of jaw and impacted teeth.

  • Communications/Arts

Communication study is encompassing several disciplines which help students to develop a critical awareness of how communication influences human lives. By studying this course, you will able to interact with many different forms of communication including verbal, non-verbal and written in order to transmit information in the most effective way.

Arts degrees able to open up as many opportunities as possible because it can serves as the pathway for students to pursue many different directions in their career. The most important is that the courses allow you to do what you love and discover your creative capacities from a wide range of programs such as theatre and stage management, music, photography, fashion design, graphic design and animation. Student will be able to study double degrees of arts and communication to enhance their interpersonal skills as well as creative talents in order to open broader path for their career.

  • Architecture

There are many major mining corporations and smaller exploration companies which contribute enormous amount of money to fund exploration activities. Therefore, geologists are indispensable members of exploration squads who make minimum $60 an hour in Australia. Graduate programs cover concepts in plate tectonics, petrogenesis and other advanced geological topics. These programs often include field study and research projects in geophysics, soil physics or geochemistry. Special topics may include measuring the effects of gravity on soil or analysing soil sediments to ascertain information about a particular area of geological history.

  • Aviation

The University of South Australia is Australia’s first university and the only university in South Australia to offer undergraduate degrees in civil aviation. The University of South Australia is one of the two universities in Australia with its own flight training academy. To a professional airline pilot is not only to grasp of knowledge and technology to control the aircraft operation. A professional airline pilot need to master more knowledge of all areas including aerodynamics, aircraft energy systems, meteorology, navigation, flight mission planning, computer control system flight, flight operation technology and aircraft crew member resource management and so on. Civil aviation degree at the university of south Australia more critical knowledge for the students to cultivate the students’ professional quality, let students understand the full responsibilities for flight the pilot post details. The degree of major recruit students object is the future for airlines flight drivers, at the same time for other key positions in the field of aviation industry, such as traffic control, management and administration of aviation logistics and aviation industry to provide access.

University of South Australia flight training environment is convenient. The full teaching of the degree is located on the Mawson Lakes campus of Adelaide, less than a 10-minute drive from Parafield Airport, home to the University of South Australia Flight Academy base. Students can stay away from downtown school to the airport between the trouble-locked journey, enjoy the flight training and degree learning in close proximity to the convenience and life. The University of South Australia offers a wide range of practical exercises. Students have the opportunity to attend a summer time “shark patrol” project, exercise how to operate commercial professional missions. Flight Academy trainers are experienced in the aviation industry in the accumulation of years of experience in the senior experts. The University of South Australia’s civil aviation degree contains much more than the theoretical knowledge and requirements required by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority for commercial and general pilot license. Students are able to enjoy the latest flight equipment.