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Foundation & Diploma
The main reason why Chinese high school graduates need to go through foundation studies to enroll Australian universities is because the difference of Education System between China and Australia. China’s high school graduates cannot directly enter the first year of Australian university courses, you must first complete the university foundation courses or diploma course and pass the examination before they can formally enter the university to studies. Foundation and diploma courses are the university foundation preparatory courses, it is for student who cannot meet directly into the undergraduate courses of international students, are also the pathway for secondary education students to study at their ideal university.

Certificate of bachelor’s degree
Generally issued by the University. The structure of the Bachelor’s degree in Australia is based on the course area studied and the relevant faculties, including an ordinary bachelor’s degree and an honors degree. Ordinary bachelor’s degree usually refers to the students in the graduate degrees before must be common or basic degree, usually need to go through part-time three years of full-time semester or the corresponding time study, part of a bachelor’s degree after four consecutive years or longer. General honours degree requires four years of study, students must achieve excellent results in the ordinary bachelor’s degree courses, increasing year learning generally involves in a certain course of professional study, including research and submit a thesis. In addition, as the Australian University of credit can be interchangeable.

Graduate Certificate and Graduate/Postgraduate Diploma)
Mainly applicable to specific professional learning, such as the expansion of knowledge and skills acquired in undergraduate programs, or the development of knowledge and skills in new areas of specialization. Postgraduate diploma typically requires one semester of full-time study, while a post-graduate diploma requires two semesters of full-time study. Students who complete a bachelor’s degree are eligible, but in some cases, the university will also consider those who have relevant work experience but do not have a bachelor’s degree.

Master Degree
Master degree generally need to study in a four-year degree or honors after a year, or get a three-year degree after studying for two years, but different disciplines require different. Chinese students studying in Australia span from one to three years. Sometimes, students can also apply for a double master’s degree, such as business class. In addition, the school will be based on the academic background of their students, their study time and the course to make different requirements. If the student’s academic background does not meet the school’s entry requirements, the student must complete the Graduate Certificate and the Graduate Diploma before completing the Master’s degree. Read the corresponding period of the corresponding master’s degree courses.
There are basically two types of master’s degree, either by research or by coursework. The vast majority of Chinese students apply for the Master degree program, such master does not need to complete the thesis, usually a fixed day tutor, study time corresponding to a shorter than the research master.

In Australia, the most common form of doctor’s degree for doctor of philosophy, mainly involves the related knowledge in the field of the method of literature review, experiment, or other systemic research. Such degree generally requires three years of full-time study after a master’s degree or an honours bachelor’s degree.