Australia higher education has the prefect system and the world-class level, the quality of teaching and scientific research strength is famous in the world, in term of personnel training, a high degree of internationalization of Australian higher education, whether in recruit students or the implementation of cross-border education services, are distinctive.

Australia is a multi-cultural country, coupled with market-oriented, formed a witty flexible, coordinated and complementary educational model. Which is characterized by higher education, vocational education, adult education, general education between the complementary and complementary; public schools and private schools can also be integrated with each other.

Australia’s higher education consists of two main components: university education and vocational education and training. Australia now has 42 universities, located in the states and regions, of which three are private universities, the rest are public universities. In addition, there are many Technical and Further Education (TAFF) providing vocational and technical training.

Here is the list of universities in Australia