Application Process

Part of the schools in Australia have February and July intakes each year, some institutions increased enrollment in November intake.

For high school students studying abroad, the third half of the third semester and the first semester of high school is the best application time, if started the application on March, you can successfully catch up with the August language program and the following year’s first semester of high school.

Electronic visa cycle is currently in four weeks. Australian student visa application process generally lasted 1 to 2 months, during which there are many procedural requirements. Knowing about the above, we can easily arrange our application, basically we have to grasp the preparation of a year in advance to prepare the material to prepare: academic transcript, academic qualifications, language, proof of guarantee funds and so on. When all documents are ready, begin to apply the school start in October.

Application Process:

Apply for school → Offer Letter → Initial Payment → COE → Prepare Visa Document→ Submit Visa → Physical Examination → Visa Grant → Arrange Pre-departure Guidance