Course Selection

Australia high school for 2 years, that is Year 11 and Year 12, corresponding to China’s high school, due to the Australian high school quality education, Australian high school certificate is also recognized by the world.

Australia high school curriculum can be a wide range of options, large-scale high school can open 50-60 courses for students to choose, small high school can open at least 30 courses. Australia emphasis on quality education, to encourage the development of specialty areas, and in the high school stage involves the basic knowledge of university professional learning, to help students clear career path. For the phenomenon of partial domestic students, the Australian high school can avoid weaknesses, choose their own interest in the course, and in the course of study to achieve good results, is conducive to high school graduates to enter the elite schools in Australia, and in the study, can to their own interests as a guide, the whole process will naturally be more pleasant, intentions, but also more promising to learn to have a director, learn something.

Australian high school only English is a required course, other subjects can be regarded as elective courses, in addition to academic courses, with sports, art and other up to dozens of other courses for different students to choose to help students in the overall quality of the all-round development. In addition to English courses are optional courses. Then electives generally how to choose, how to consider it? The first is the interest of students, the second is the ability of students to learn, and the third is to combine the students want to go to college after the professional.

For example, if you want to apply to the University of Finance students, high school must have read the math class; if you want to apply for medical professional, high school must read chemistry and biology class; if you want to apply for translation, for high school elective course is not any Prerequisite Limitation. In line with the future needs of students and further education, in the high school stage targeted to learn the corresponding basic courses, can enable students to enter the university for further education can be handy.

The equivalent of China’s examination-oriented education, the Australian classroom will be relatively relaxed a lot, will pay more attention to students’ innovative thinking and practical ability, not blindly to learn cultural knowledge, it is suitable for all aspects of comprehensive development of children’s overall quality. To Australia high school students, the child’s age is relatively small, so the language ability is relatively strong to adapt to the new environment and the ability to accept new things are relatively strong, conducive to students’ language skills, the growth of students in Australia is very helpful.