School Selection

Secondary school education in Australia has a long prestigious in the world, with the emergence of young study abroad boom in China, many parents begin to pay attention to high school education in secondary schools in Australia.

Secondary school education in Australia is the British education system, a total of six years, divided into public schools and private schools.

Public schools are owned and managed by the government, and Australian students are enrolled by region, students living in an area go to nearby school. Public secondary schools are financed by the government, domestic students enjoy free education, the management of international students is weaker than private schools.

Non-public schools or private schools are privately owned and managed, and are generally managed by the church. Some private schools are belonging to some churches, such as the Catholic church; others are independent institutions. In most high schools, overseas students accounted for only a small part of all students, but some schools are almost entirely overseas. Australian high school is broadly divided into boys’ and girls’ schools, mixed school three categories.

Due to cultural differences and different beliefs, Chinese students will generally choose mixed school. Of course, some of the Australian independent girls’ and boys’ high schools are well-known for their educational and academic achievements, and all types of schools are monitored by the government to ensure that schools maintain a high standard of education.